Here is most of our planned update, this will be updated regularly.

  • Badges (in the shop, flag badges for your country)
  • Mounts (in the shop, ridable objects)
  • the return of the Emerald Sword
  • A new post-apocalyptic map by legocrazy12.
  • Splash GUI that shows title and creator name of map during loading screen
  • Map gallery
  • Outfits (for character)
  • Flasks (potions that have special abilities)
  • new game modes
  • Silent Radio (a radio you can input audio IDs into, everyone close to you can hear)
  • Pets (in shop)
  • Forest map
  • Ship map
  • Science Lab map
  • Phone
  • Running Shoes (in shop) (walk +5% faster)
  • Super Running Shoes (in shop) (walk +10% faster)
  • Red, Green, Heart, and Leopard Print balloons to jump higher (in shop)